SXO for online stores

SXO for online stores

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SXO (Search Experience Optimization) is a combination of SEO and UX. It is a set of techniques aimed at optimizing the user experience at the search engine level. It is thanks to SEO that the user comes to the page from organic search results and UX activities provide him with a positive experience on the page. How can these techniques be combined to achieve your business goals?

What is SXO?

SXO are activities aimed at improving the visibility of the website in the Google search engine, and thus improving conversion. You should carefully consider the expectations of users and provide them with the best possible experience on the website to persuade them to take advantage of the online store’s offer.

Such a strategy is especially useful for owners of online stores because its application contributes to increasing profits.

SXO components

SXO consists of several elements: SEO, content marketing, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), website development, UX / UI optimization and analytics.

SEO is the process of website optimization aimed at achieving a high position in search results and increasing visibility in search engines. Effective website positioning allows you to achieve synergy effects from organic traffic.

Content marketing is about creating content that supports the user through all stages of the purchasing decision and conversion path. CRO indicates the rate of traffic generated on the site.

Optimization and statistics

UX / UI optimization provides users with a user-friendly interface and a visually pleasing design. It makes it easy to navigate from the landing page to the conversion. Analytics consists in observing and drawing conclusions from statistics (e.g. from Google Analytics or A / B tests) or from user behavior on the website.

Key elements

What do you need to remember when optimizing an online store? Titles are one of the key elements taken into account by indexing robots when evaluating a given subpage. Above all, the title should encourage the user to click on the link. It should be ensured that the title is properly optimized and contains keywords.

Descriptions and phrases

The meta description tag is an additional description of the page in the search results, which is located directly below the title. The description can be a factor in convincing users to choose a given item.

Keywords – they are not important for indexing robots – however, when selecting a page, the user focuses on his query and looks for the best answer.

Content recognition

Structured data is special tags on web pages that describe the content of a website. Thanks to structured data, idexing robots will be able to better recognize the type of content. It is thanks to the structured data that you can place extended descriptions in the organic results of the Google search engine.

Responsiveness of websites and mobility

It is worth verifying that the website is properly adapted to mobile devices and that the user can easily view the content of the entire website. You have to be sure that you are able to take the necessary actions to achieve your business goals.

Content on the site

The user has to find the information he was looking for in the search engine. When planning the content, you need to consider what exactly the user expects when entering a given phrase in a search engine. It’s best to make it easier for him to access this information. It is important to ensure high-quality content and transparency of information.

Layout and navigation

The website must be transparent for the user and should ensure that he or she can easily navigate through the site. A user who will not be able to quickly find the product or service he or she is interested in will go to another page. The website should be planned so that the user can intuitively reach all the resources that interest him.

What are the benefits of using SXO?

A comprehensive and well-planned SXO strategy helps to grow the company. The benefits of SXO are primarily getting high traffic from organic search results, which is valuable and converting. Website subpages equipped with a number of facilities for users and operating in an intuitive way may become better and more often perceived by them.

An online store optimized in accordance with the SXO assumptions will allow you to encourage the user to get acquainted with its offer and take action and achieve the assumed goals (e.g. making a purchase, sending a form or subscribing to the newsletter).

In the LTB marketing agency, we implement SXO strategies that allow you to increase business results from the implemented marketing campaigns.

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