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What is the objective of this module?

Integration with a dropshipping supplier – you get a ready-made solution

The Integrator enables the synchronization of a store with the products provided by the supplier, including their routine updates. Proficiency in PHP, XML, or CSV is not necessary. Instead, you receive a ready-made solution in the form of an installed integrator, configured to align with your specific requirements.

“A dual-functionality appliance for your store, akin to a hybrid of a laundry machine and a vacuum cleaner”

An automated integrator functions similarly to a combined laundry machine and vacuum cleaner for your home

The integrator efficiently handles the essential yet labor-intensive tasks on a daily basis, ensuring constant updates to prices and stock levels. While you can manually adjust these parameters for a smaller inventory, significant efficiency gains become apparent when managing a product range of fewer than 100 items.

Tailored solutions

Because every store is unique

Each business possesses its distinct vision, and our IT team will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your needs, offer advice, and implement the Integrator that aligns with your requirements. Furthermore, the Integrator’s administration panel provides a multitude of user-friendly tools and options for efficient management of your product database.

Product addition

The integrator retrieves and processes data from a supplier to create a product database that can be seamlessly transferred to your store.

Products added through this method are indistinguishable from those added manually, allowing you to handle them in the same manner. Nearly all parameters can be modified to align with your preferences, including changing names, adding or removing images, updating descriptions, adjusting categories, and incorporating additional keywords. None of the alterations made this way will be overridden by the integrator unless you explicitly decide otherwise.

You have the flexibility to add all the products offered by a wholesaler to your shop or selectively choose specific items. This can be achieved through four distinct methods:

  • Products by Producers:
    Select specific producers, and only their products will be imported into the shop.
  • Products by Category:
    Choose products of interest from the category tree, and only items assigned to those categories by the wholesaler will be added to the store.
  • Single Products:
    Opt for specific products while disregarding others in this option.
  • Inverted Mode:
    In this mode, start by indicating products you want to exclude. In the subsequent step, use method 1 or 2 to add the remaining products to your shop.
Product addition
Categories without pair
Category copying tool

Product Categories

Replicate supplier categories to your store or assign them to categories already existing in the store

  • Category Duplication:
    If you create a new shop or introduce a new department with a distinct assortment, swiftly duplicate a category tree provided by the supplier. This method offers convenience as the copied categories can be transferred, toggled on/off, and have their names and sequence modified at any chosen time. Regardless of these adjustments, products from the wholesaler will be correctly displayed in their respective locations.
  • Category Mapping:
    If you find the wholesaler’s category structure unsatisfactory or prefer your own, utilize the Category Mapping tool. This tool allows you to effortlessly align your shop’s categories with those provided by the wholesaler. Consequently, you retain your categories, and products are displayed in your chosen locations.
  • Manual Product Assignment:
    For those uninterested in the above solutions, manual product assignment can be performed within the shop’s administration panel. This option is also available when using methods 1 or 2 if you believe certain products should belong to different categories.

Once products are assigned to chosen categories, they will remain associated with them until you decide to make changes.

Product Updates

Products are dynamic, requiring regular updates

Suppliers periodically modify their product listings, introducing new items. The Integrator adeptly manages frequent changes, such as price and inventory fluctuations, as well as occasional corrections to descriptions or galleries. Two distinct methods facilitate this process:

  • Quick/Automatic Update:
    Automatically initiated at set intervals (e.g., every hour), the quick update ensures the timely refresh of fundamental product parameters that undergo frequent changes. Options include updating Inventory, Product visibility, Price, and Discounted price. Additionally, this method enables the automatic addition of new products to the shop as they become available in the wholesaler’s offer.
  • Full Update:
    A more comprehensive tool, the full update allows the modification of almost all product parameters. Unlike the quick update, the full update never initiates automatically and requires manual initiation by a user. This method provides flexibility to update all parameters or selectively choose specific ones, including Name of a product, Description, Short description, Gallery, Category assignment, and Key words.
Automatic update
Update options
Pricing policy

Pricing policy

Frequently, the prices provided by wholesalers may not align with your desired pricing strategy for your shop. To address this, a tool is available for price modifications. When changing a basic price, you can employ one of the following actions:

  • Percentage Adjustment:
    e.g. 80 EUR + 20%
  • Fixed Amount Adjustment:
    e.g. 160 EUR + 22.63 EUR
  • Rounding to Specific Amounts:
    .00 – e.g., 240.00 EUR
    .49 – e.g., 240.49 EUR
    .50 – e.g., 240.50 EUR
    .90 – e.g., 240.90 EUR
    .99 – e.g., 240.99 EUR
    The amount remains unchanged.

Online 24/7

No need to power up your computer

The Integrator is a web-based application, installed on a server, ensuring continuous operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Consequently, your computer does not have to be powered on, as updates are carried out automatically.

Working 24/7

1, 2, 3… or manage 7 suppliers simultaneously?

Absolutely. Why not?

The possibilities are boundless – the Integrator is crafted to seamlessly handle multiple suppliers simultaneously without any disruptions. You have the flexibility to manage each supplier individually while effortlessly distributing products to a specific category in your store or sharing common attributes like color or size.

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