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Struggling to get your Facebook fanpage up and running? Finding it hard to spare the time for setup and crafting unique content? We have a solution for you – support in managing your Facebook presence.

Navigating the complexities of creating ads and engaging new customers via Google Ads can be daunting. Keeping up with ever-changing trends can leave you feeling lost. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Our experts in Facebook and Google Ads will handle all the setup details for you and assist in content creation tailored to your target audience on the respective platforms.

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Facebook support

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We start with the basics – creating your page, uploading graphics (cover photo, logo), writing descriptions, and adding information about your business.

For those with an online store, we’ll integrate your product lineup with Facebook, opening up another sales channel for you.

Engage with your customers through Messenger. We’ll set up automatic responses to give you time to reply without keeping your customers waiting.

You’ll get detailed .pdf instructions on leveraging Facebook features to boost your business – from using Meta Business Suite to ad creation and post scheduling.

Based on your requirements, we can offer support or handle the creation of Facebook ads for you. This includes advice, text and description writing, and graphic design for up to 3 ads monthly.

Tailored to your needs, we can provide guidance or craft Facebook posts on your behalf. This service includes tips on text and graphic design for up to 5 posts each month.


Google Ads support

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We’ll guide you through the initial setup of Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager, including the placement of tracking codes on your website.

We input all necessary information to ensure the smooth operation of the aforementioned platforms.

We incorporate specific events and triggers via Google Tag Manager to monitor user interactions on your website.

Merely creating events and triggers in Google Tag Manager isn’t the end. We transform these events into trackable conversions in Google Analytics, which are then imported to Google Ads for comprehensive monitoring.

Should you face challenges in setup, determining conversions, or crafting ads, we’re here to provide answers and assist throughout the implementation process.

Tailored to your preferences, we offer assistance or take over the creation of Google Ads for you. From drafting text to conducting keyword research, just let us know how we can help. This includes support for up to 3 ads monthly.


Will I be kept updated on the progress during the implementation phase?
Absolutely, we emphasize continuous communication. As we proceed, you might have questions regarding different steps such as filling out data or resolving any discrepancies, which can be swiftly addressed through prompt communication.

Can I expect an improvement in my website’s performance?
Improvement in website performance is influenced by a variety of factors, not solely by social media or advertisements. A definite increase in orders or site traffic cannot be guaranteed. Our role is to enhance your visibility to potential customers; however, further actions on your part, such as SEO optimization and website design, play a crucial role in the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

How do I initiate the service?
Simply fill out the service-specific form on the page you’re currently viewing. Following your submission, we’ll send you an email with a personalized quote based on the provided information. After you agree to the quote and complete the payment, we’ll begin our collaboration.

Is it possible to customize the implementation plan, for example, opt for additional posts/advertisements per month instead of setting up a chat (messenger)?
Certainly. The form allows you to select specific assistance areas. Should you omit any, you can specify your additional needs in the “Additional information” section. As previously stated, our proposals and pricing are tailored to each client’s unique requirements.