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Stocking your store is a crucial step towards launching an online shop – it essentially paves the path to success.

Seeking straightforward and efficient methods? With Megamo, you can effortlessly stock your store, no technical expertise or hassle required. We can introduce 1,000 new products within 24 hours – YES, IT’S ACHIEVABLE.

Import product bundle


Select your supplier

1. Supplier selection

Discover a broad range of suppliers listed on our website

Product management

2. Product management

We import products from suppliers and integrate them into your store

Addition of Comprehensive Products

3. Complete products

Products are added with all the details supplied by the supplier

4. Easy access

In the integrator panel, you add products of your choice


The Megamo integrator isn’t limited to a single platform. Equip your store across any e-commerce platform.

Shopify store platform
PrestaShop store platform
Magento store platform

List of all supported e-commerce platforms

Is your supplier not listed in our offerings? No worries at all!

We connect new suppliers to the integrator daily. Reach out to us – we’ll stock your store with products from your preferred supplier.


Stocking up should be swift, efficient, and free from needless technical hurdles.

Consider this: if your aim is to add 1,000 products and manually entering each product takes 4 minutes, you’re only able to add 15 products per hour.

Quick math?

At this rate, to fully stock your store, you’d need to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for a total of two weeks. Feasible? Certainly, but there’s no need to spend so much time on such a straightforward task. Our integrator can handle it in minutes!

Import product bundle to the store now!

Import product bundle


Will my store’s products be updated automatically after import?
No, there won’t be automatic updates for products. However, you have the option to switch to a more advanced plan that offers continuous automatic updates through our integrator – see our Price List for details. If you opt to upgrade your plan within 10 days of stocking your store, you’ll enjoy a 30% discount on the upgrade.
Here’s how it works.

Do the products delivered to my store through the stock-up service include names, descriptions, SKUs, and all other necessary attributes?
Yes, the products imported will possess all the attributes provided in the warehouse’s XML file that you choose.

How can I get my shop stocked?
To initiate the service, simply make a purchase on the Import product bundle to the store page. Following your purchase, you’ll receive an email requesting the information needed to carry out the service, including sending an XML file from your chosen warehouse or filling out a brief survey.

Will the products added to my store be assigned to one specific category, or can I distribute them across various categories of my choosing?
You have the flexibility to assign products to any category you specify, or you can categorize them yourself as you see fit. By completing a survey we send you prior to the stock-up, you’ll inform us of your preferences so we can tailor the service to meet your requirements effectively.

Can I limit the stock-up to only certain suppliers whose products will be added to my store?
Absolutely, you’re free to choose only certain categories or specific products from particular suppliers. Completing the pre-stock-up survey allows us to understand and cater to your specific needs closely.

Are there any hidden costs associated with stocking up my store, beyond those listed on the website?
No, there are no hidden charges for stocking up your store; you only pay the fees explicitly stated on the Import product bundle to the store page.

Manually importing products from XML or CSV files supplied by wholesalers can be challenging for those new to online sales, often demanding a significant time commitment.

To bypass these hurdles, reach out to us directly! Contact us at: