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Online stores are expertly crafted websites aimed at driving profits. We provide solutions that enable your customers to make purchases effortlessly and swiftly.

In today’s digital age, having an online presence is crucial for businesses looking to grow and flourish. An online store can serve as your primary business venture or as an enhancement to your physical storefront.

We will develop an online store for you on the Shopify platform as part of our services.

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ON START Package


Shopify store platform

from 25 €


    The SHOPIFY ON START package includes:

    1. Initiating the Shopify store in the Basic edition
    2. complimentary automatic integration with your chosen wholesaler (1-month subscription included)



Shopify store platform

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    The SHOPIFY PLUS Store package offers a customized store experience designed to meet your specific needs

Should you have a unique vision for your store, requiring bespoke functionality, aesthetic design, or integration with particular websites, please complete our form and provide your email address. We will reach out to you.

As a feature of this package, delivers comprehensive automatic integration with your chosen wholesaler under the START package for one month.

This package includes a one-month free subscription for automatic integration within the START package.

Technical support for the Shopify store is conducted through the Shopify platform itself.

Management of the store is entrusted to our reliable partner.