Translation of supplier files

Translating supplier files from XML, CSV into your store’s language!

Translation of supplier files

Facing a challenge because the wholesaler’s file isn’t in your store’s language? This isn’t an issue for us anymore!

Our translations are not just linguistically accurate; they’re also customized to fit the particular needs of the industry and online retail requirements.

Opting for our service means choosing expertise, accuracy, and speed. Propel your business to international heights with top-notch translations of XML and CSV warehouse files. Complete the survey, and we’re ready to unlock the vast possibilities of your online venture!


Single-use Translations

For Product Imports

Single-use translations offer a tailored and flexible approach, perfect for enterprises with fluctuating translation requirements. Whether it’s venturing into new markets, introducing new product collections, or aiming to tailor content for particular regional audiences, our single-use translation services provide a strategic solution to meet your varied needs.

Automated Translations (Recurring)

For Continuous Product Updates/Imports

Our offerings extend to automated translation services, designed for the seamless and ongoing update of content within the wholesaler’s documents. This suits businesses seeking to ensure continuous uniformity in translations as they happen. Newly added products by the wholesaler are automatically translated, ensuring your content remains up-to-date and consistent.


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We promise a swift execution of your project. Once the questionnaire is filled out and all necessary documentation is completed, we immediately commence with the translations.

We prioritize both rapid delivery and superior translation quality. Our focus is on ensuring that the content is accurate, cohesive, and appropriately tailored to the specific context of the industry.

Even though the translation process is automated, we maintain a high standard of quality. We employ sophisticated tools that scrutinize the context, guaranteeing that the translations are both consistent and precise.

Opting for automatic translations means your translations will benefit from rapid updates that adapt to any changes in the files. This feature is crucial for keeping up with frequent updates to the wholesaler’s product range.

Throughout the translation process, we actively monitor progress. Our aim is to deliver the highest quality service in the shortest amount of time possible.