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Integrate your store with top dropshipping suppliers from Europe. Add products, enjoy automatic price and stock updates with automatic integration. All in one place – our integrator.

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With thousands of wholesalers available, you can effortlessly locate one that will enhance your product selection and boost your sales

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It’s a breeze, we’ve successfully integrated numerous stores with platforms such as Shopify, Shoper, WooCommerce and PrestaShop

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Your competitors are always active. Now, with your store filled with new products, you offer a vast selection of items for customers to choose

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Numoco supplier
Molos supplier
Matterhorn supplier
Automatic integration with supplier Raw-pol

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How does the automatic integration work?

Your store displays products that can be conveniently purchased

How does the automatic integration work

Let’s answer your questions

Having collaborated with over 500 stores, we’ve encountered a wide array of questions.
Find the answers to the most frequent ones below.

Can I integrate my store with multiple wholesalers through Megamo?
Absolutely, integrating your store with several suppliers is possible.

Is integration possible with a wholesaler not currently listed?
We initiate new wholesaler partnerships weekly – just reach out, and we’ll handle the rest.

My store already categorizes its products. Can these be utilized?
Indeed, the integrator can allocate products to your existing categories.

Is it possible to apply different profit margins based on the product category?
Yes, with pricing rules, you can effortlessly adjust margins by adding or deducting a percentage or amount, or even rounding the final price.

I’m considering switching from another integrator that hasn’t met my needs. Can I retain the products already added to my store with your service?
In most cases (80%), this transition is seamless, but every situation is unique – please contact us to confirm compatibility.

Must I incorporate all products from a wholesaler?
Not at all. It’s perfectly acceptable to choose only certain categories or specific products.

Considering SEO, can I customize product names and descriptions myself?
Certainly, you’re free to alter names and descriptions as you see fit, and our integrator will preserve your modifications.

Will I need to manually download and update the wholesaler files?
No, our integrator automatically retrieves and updates files directly from the supplier, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Is familiarity with XML/CSV required?
Absolutely not—our team consists of seasoned experts well-versed in these formats.

As a wholesaler, I’m looking to motivate online stores to feature my products. Is this something you can assist with?
Indeed, we have a long-standing history of collaboration with both wholesalers and online retailers, aiming to satisfy the requirements of both. We encourage you to reach out to us!

Automatic integration with supplier

We help you save time

Manually incorporating roughly 1000 products into your inventory can consume up to 160 hours – equivalent to a full month of work at 8 hours per day, five days a week.

Your time is invaluable, both during moments of relaxation and through the potential earnings of your work.

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