Customer intelligence and marketing automation – the Edrone example

Customer intelligence and marketing automation - the edrone example

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Customer intelligence

Customer intelligence is a must-have solution if you run an online store and look for ways to obtain data on the interests of your customers or information on how frequently they visit your website.

Customer intelligence – what is it? 

Customer intelligence involves a group of marketing processes that enable planning and establishing relationships with customers. Thanks to data from the past, you’ll be able to interact with customers and use it for your future marketing activities.

Each interaction in your online store is recorded. Customers visiting your site will be automatically assigned to various sections such as: frequency of visiting the site, purchase value, favorite categories or social media activity. Benefiting from this service means that you’ll gain access to an extensive database of behavioral and transactional information which can help you refine your advertising strategy and tailor the offer to customers by displaying content tailored to each user. Customers expect engagement, up-to-date texts and easy contact. The easier access to the content they are looking for, the greater the chance that people will buy your products. Advertising is the cornerstone of each business and its proper selection can work wonders. With customer intelligence, you get access to a database that identifies users when they:

  • make a purchase,
  • log in or register,
  • open your email,
  • use various devices,
  • have visited your website in the past.

Marketing automation

Marketing is a field that has been developing really rapidly. Nowadays, a number of things are automated and the same applies to marketing. Automation benefits from various tools and software which facilitate the process of selling goods.

Marketing automation – what is it?

It’s an automated system that collects and processes data referring to various individual customers. It makes it easier for companies to reach customers through automated marketing, advertising as well as sales activities. Consequently, you don’t need to enter information manually and the data analysis is also automated. Customers are identified by software which takes into account criteria such as age, gender or place of residence. Thus, the marketing message addressed to such a customer is customized.

Email Marketing Automation system

What do recipients expect when they see my newsletter and how to provide users with compelling, quality content?

Email marketing aims at sending campaigns that can attract your recipients. Email marketing for an online store can be effortlessly integrated with appropriate plugins. The Marketing Automation plugin allows automatic insertion of scripts into contacts such as email addresses and integration of login forms. 

With Email Marketing Automation, you will learn what happened to your email after it was sent, e.g. you’ll find out whether the recipients opened it, how they behaved once they clicked the link provided in the message. You will acquire information on visited website subpages and check the conversion of your Email Marketing campaigns. Knowing what your recipients did allows you to:

  • send campaigns based on behavioral data from your website,
  • send product recommendations based on your customer’s recent purchases,
  • benefit from autoresponders offering content tailored to your audience and encourage them to take further action,
  • customize messages according to real preferences of your audience,
  • distribute content that appeals to users.

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