The most effective and efficient shipping methods

The most effective and efficient shipping methods

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Shipping is one of the most important elements that should be taken into account when running an online store. It affects customer satisfaction with the quality of services offered by a given company. Efficient and fast shipping encourages customers to come back to the store, where they have already made a purchase.

What shipping methods do customers need? What to focus on to guarantee top effectiveness and quality of the chosen forms? 

1. When choosing a particular shipping method for your e-shop, you should think about the preferences of your recipients in this respect: look through the available statistics on different shipping methods, and benefit from the experience of other online stores.

Keep in mind that the place of residence often predetermines the choice of a specific type of shipment. People who live in smaller towns and villages often select courier services due to the fact that such companies reach even the smallest towns, and deliver the package directly to the recipient.

People who live in larger cities often prefer parcel machines. Some customers choose them because they can collect their package any time, while others prefer shipment to a specific point (store), which is open until late hours and the package can be collected while shopping.

There are customers who get attached to the services of a particular provider and to a particular shipping method. Some people appreciate e.g. the services of the traditional post office, which means that the package is delivered by a postman, whom recipients have known for years.

There are also customers who, depending on their current needs, change the preferred shipping method. Therefore, it’s important to offer diverse solutions. It doesn’t necessarily mean that there should be hundreds of shipping methods to choose from. If a customer has to spend a long time looking for a preferred form, s/he will probably start comparing different options and may postpone the purchase or even resign from it.

2. How to ensure the effectiveness of selected shipping methods?

A) Courier companies

Contrary to what you may think, individual companies differ from each other. Some specialize only in delivering small packages, while others easily transport non-standard and large orders. Keep in mind that parcel insurances are frequently regulated individually, depending on the company. Couriers also have different strategies when it comes to dealing with packages damaged during the transportation, the number of offered pick-up points, and realization times.

Before starting a cooperation, research the aspects you care about as a seller, analyze the statistics – only then sign an agreement. Pay special attention to international shipping. Many courier companies send packages e.g. only to selected EU countries. Make sure that the chosen option meets your expectations.

B) Post office

This is one of the shipping methods frequently chosen by online sellers. It comprises standard shipment (via letters), courier services, and even parcel machines.

Although versatility and competitive prices are the main advantages of this solution, it’s worth keeping in mind that it’s not the most efficient option. Pay special attention to estimated delivery times declared by the post office. Ask around on forums first to see how other customers evaluate similar services.

C) Parcel machines / pick-up points

This is one of the most popular forms of parcel shipping. Of course, we’re talking about both parcel machines and convenient pick-up points such as stores.

When it comes to parcel machines – this is a very customer-friendly method. If someone leads a busy lifestyle, they get the possibility to pick up the package within 48 hours. This form is extremely automated – for example it’s possible to collect a package with the use of a mobile phone. 

Pick-up points such as stores are also a convenient shipping method – customers can collect a parcel while shopping. However, this can be done only during the opening hours, so this solution isn’t as flexible as parcel machines.

When choosing a company that will be delivering packages for your online store to pick-up points and parcel machines, it’s important to pay particular attention to the number of pick-up points, their locations, and price differences in relation to courier services (parcel machines should be more affordable).

To sum up, choosing the right shipping methods and signing profitable contracts with their providers may significantly affect sales in an online store. Statistics indicate that the type and price of shipping are one of the most important purchase factors for customers.

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