Products descriptions for an online store (best practices)

Products descriptions for an online store (best practices)

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Product subpages are one of the most important elements of online stores, and the content on them is the foundation of long-tail positioning and a key component that influences the perception of the brand among users. Creating descriptions of products and categories in accordance with SEO principles generates traffic and support for website positioning. How to write good product descriptions for an online store and why is it worth doing?

The purpose of creating product descriptions

The relevant content is intended to encourage customers to buy products available as part of the online store. Thanks to the descriptions containing relevant phrases, users find the product page after entering the keyword in the search engine. We present good practices that will allow you to effectively operate in e-commerce.

1. Key phrases

The right keyword selection strategy allows search engines to recognize the website as valuable and display it higher in the results. The selection of appropriate keywords tailored to the target group will allow you to design better content that will result in higher sales results.

Analysis of key phrases using the Google Ads keyword planner.

Worth remembering:

  • prevent over saturation with key phrases, because in effect Google may lower the search results,
  • use phrases in headers, URLs and descriptions of alternative images,
  • use of long tail phrases that detail the user’s expectations.

2. Uniqueness

Each description should be original and created in a way that it is intended not only for search engines but for real users. The uniqueness of the texts arouses interest and attracts the attention of recipients, and that in the end increases sales.

Copied content prevents robots from seeing it. The position in the rankings may simply decline as a result.

3. UX writing

The structure of descriptions in the online store should be user-friendly. User Experience aims to improve communication between the user and the website. Attractiveness and usability are very important. 30% of users who had a positive experience with the brand would return to the site and buy a new product [1].

Responsiveness and a clear layout of the page are also important – paragraph division, bullets and the use of bolds.

4. User generated content

User-generated content, such as photos, comments, opinions and reviews, is particularly useful because it allows you to obtain valuable content at a low cost. Taking into account customer opinions allows you to build a brand image and a lasting relationship with recipients.

Example of UGC implementation on a product subpage in the form of customer reviews and photos.

UGC is useful because it does not come directly from the brand, it depends on the evaluation of real users. Nothing is more authentic to your audience than an honest and unforced review.

5. According to an expert

Users are more confident about the verified opinion of a specialist who directly recommends a given product or website. The fully verified perspective of a professional, at the time when users see their face, is a source encouraging to buy.

6. Advertisment

An effective sales and persuasion technique consists in building advertising texts, offers and messages, where the emphasis is on the needs and expectations of the recipient. When describing the offer, the point is to assure the user that the product or service meets their expectations.

The language of benefits mainly affects the customer’s associations and emotions. It aims to show the advantages and value of products or services. Thanks to the user’s interest, the language of benefits increases conversions and real sales. In order to increase credibility, it is worth remembering to include research statistics in the content.

7. Up-selling and cross-selling

Marketing techniques can increase your sales profits. They contribute to the increase of customer dependency and trust in the company and lowering the risk of its transition to competition.

Up-selling consists in offering the customer products or services with a higher price, a higher standard and more functions. When making a purchase, the customer may not be aware that there is a better version of the selected product.

Cross-selling is the sale of complementary services. The purpose of the technique is to remind the customer about products that may be useful to him and that he may need. Thanks to this, the customer will buy them in a given store, instead of the competition.

8. Product Specifications

Customers are not always able to imagine the product. A specific description helps in making an informed purchase decision. It should present the detailed characteristics of a given product and include comparisons to facilitate associations.

Success is based on the knowledge of the client’s needs

Many factors influence the value of product descriptions. They should encourage buying and be tailored to the emotional needs of the potential customer. Descriptions have a huge impact on the positioning of your online store, traffic generation and sales.

It is important to focus on the practical benefits and to present them in a simple way. The language of descriptions should not be adapted only to the industry of products / services sold, but mainly to the user. 

Product content with LTB agency

Effective customer acquisition is directly related to creating good, engaging content. Our partner, LTB marketing agency from Wroclaw, knows that valuable content not only affects visibility in search engines, but also the reception of the website by users. LTB cares not only about obtaining organic traffic, but also analyzing the traffic and changes on websites in terms of UX and SEO, so as to achieve synergy effects from the implemented marketing activities.

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[1] The truth about online consumers (

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