An offer that suits everyone is worthless!

An offer that suits everyone is worthless

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When running a dropshipping store, it’s crucial to devise an appropriate marketing strategy which comprises the process of determining your target group, meaning potential recipients of your offer and advertisements. It’s worth conducting research that will facilitate this task.

Target group – why is it so important?

Once you define your target group, you’ll be able to create a product range and offer that may be of interest to recipients. In this case, the probability of selling goods is much higher than in situations when you advertise items to an unknown group of users. If you run an online store and cooperate with a dropshipping wholesaler, you don’t have to worry about packages or shipment which means you can devote your attention to frequently neglected aspects such as target group identification.

Knowing the target group will allow you to design your online store in a way that encourages potential customers to visit it and buy your goods. Moreover, a target group will allow you to effectively tailor your marketing activities. Unfortunately, defining it incorrectly or not doing it at all will lead to wasting lots of advertising funds.

What are the criteria for selecting the target group? 

When determining your target group, you should analyze a few key criteria such as:

  • Socio-demographic criterion – helps to determine: age, education, occupation, gender, income, property and marital status.
  • Geographic criterion – helps to determine: place of residence, work and place of shopping.
  • Psychological / cultural criterion – helps to determine: interests, lifestyle, hobbies, leisure activities, shopping behavior, views, skills and needs.
  • Financial criterion – helps to determine possessions, income and financial burdens.

Tools for defining your target group

Google Analytics and Google Ads, combined with the criteria mentioned above, can be helpful in the process of determining your target group.

  • Google Analytics

The “demographics” tab will help you obtain information about the age and gender of your potential customers. Thanks to it, you’ll be able to choose specific marketing activities. “geographic data” will give you an insight into the language and location of potential customers browsing the net. Location makes it easier to determine shopping habits, whereas language can tell you whether it’s worth implementing another version of your page.

The “behavior” tab will inform you whether your page visitors are regular customers or newcomers. Thanks to it, you’ll be able to refine your marketing strategy, attract new customers and keep the regular ones.

Additionally, Google Analytics can provide you with data on the frequency and length of a given website visit. You can see the number of subpages entered by users which reflects their engagement. This way, you’ll determine whether buyers are interested in making a purchase or whether they accessed your website by accident.

The above-mentioned tool will also provide you with information concerning the browser used by the customer, the type of the operating system and screen resolution. Consequently, you’ll be able to choose appropriate technical solutions that facilitate website navigation.

Analyze devices, models and brands used by your potential customers. Knowing whether they prefer smartphones, tablets or desktop computers will help you adjust the ads better.

  • Google Ads

Similarly to Google Analytics, this tool will provide you with information regarding age, gender and location of your website visitors. However, apart from that, it’ll also tell you about the URLs visited by persons browsing your online store. Thanks to it, you’ll find out which websites display your ads.

Advantages of determining the target group

All the knowledge gained while determining your target group will help you define interests, lifestyle, hobbies, opinions or other features of your potential customers. This, in turn, will allow you to identify recipients, refine your product range and marketing activities.

Other tools helpful in this field will be described in subsequent entries.

Determining the target group has a significant impact on the operation of an online store cooperating with a dropshipping wholesaler. The layout, product descriptions, prices, photos, communication channels, language and marketing activities should be adjusted to the recipients of your offer. All efforts put into the process of defining your target group will pay off in the future.

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