What is a Call to Action? (CTA)

Call to action

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The main task of a CTA (Call to Action) is a call to action. The purpose of such a call is primarily to persuade the user to perform a specific action, such as clicking on a button, submitting a form, registering on a page, downloading an application, or making a purchase. You may come across a CTA most often in the form of an expressive caption or button containing the following text: read more, order, use now, etc.

Why use CTAs and where to place them?

When asked why to use a CTA, there is a very simple answer – it will add to the increase in conversions. Yes, this is exactly what we expect from a CTA. The CTA is first and foremost to be an incentive, a “enticement” so that the user does not accidentally lose interest.

An interesting solution is used in games, and especially in “free” games for the phone. Have you encountered that the free phone game you downloaded, after time turned out not to be fully free? I’m talking about games with a solution like: you have 5 lives, but if you lose them, watch the ad and try again, or keep playing after buying “gold coins”, with real money. This is where the CTA comes into play. On the one hand, it gives you a choice of ads: “Give up!”, while on the other it urges you to keep playing, without losing a level or a good streak: “Continue! 25 gold coins.” At first glance, it seems obvious that we would prefer to have already started again, as long as we don’t lose those few pennies, but results from various studies show that a good use of the word game as in the above case, and the added frustration of players after each loss, actually persuade them to buy “gold coins” and continue playing. Therefore, it is important to use CTAs in a well-designated place:

  1. Web pages – headline, link, button, pop-up e.g. read more, click to claim discount;
  2. Newsletter – image, button, discount, link;
  3. Online ads – we urge the user to make a specific response through a form of graphics or video;
  4. etc.

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