Hosting – what is it and why to benefit from it?

Hosting - what is it and why to benefit from it

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What is hosting?

Hosting is about providing a server that keeps the resources of your online store. It’s a kind of a back-end storing the database of your website. All websites run 24/7, if you used your home or business computer to maintain the site and if you turned it off at night, no one would be able to visit the website during this time. In order to avoid such situations, it’s possible to use computers that act as a server 24 hours a day and store the page.

Hosting and online stores – why is it worth using it?

As we’ve mentioned at the very beginning, hosting makes it possible for an online store to operate 24/7 which is beneficial both for the seller and the buyer. People wishing to purchase your goods won’t need to wait till the shop opens, they’ll be able to buy also at night. But what if the actual working time of your store is less than 24 hours? It’s possible to start processing the orders on the following day which will accelerate the process and positively affect user experience. Let’s imagine a customer who urgently needs a given product and cares about time. This product can’t be bought anywhere else apart from your shop. Your store has hosting so visitors can browse through your offer and buy also at night. As a seller, you start your working day by seeing a system entry informing you about the new order, you process it early in the morning which means that the customer can receive the item quicker. If you maintained the website on your own, nobody would be able to assess it once you finished the work. The buyer would need to wait for you to reopen the shop in order to buy. Taking various kinds of delays into account, you would see the information in the system after a while which means that you wouldn’t be able to process the order as quickly as possible and the customer would have to wait longer.

Technical issues are another reason proving that hosting is a good idea. The network you have in your company is usually not enough to maintain a server with an online store. Just think how many times you lost the Internet connection or got impatient because websites were loading for so long. Such situations are unacceptable if you want the website to operate properly. Your Internet problems would affect functionalities of your website and the store wouldn’t work if you didn’t have Internet access. Hosting companies are prepared for such circumstances and if any problems occur, they are able to solve them in the blink of an eye.

Which hosting should you choose?

The Internet abounds in offers of companies that provide hosting. Make sure that the selected option meets your expectations. When making the choice, focus on server parameters and other pieces of information given to you by the hosting provider:

  • technical condition – discs and components are cucial for proper operation of the server,
  • transfer – amount of data downloaded by website users,
  • memory limit – the amount of data you can upload to the disc,
  • link speed – speed at which the website can be displayed,
  • uptime – guaranteed service availability (time of failure-free server operation),
  • safety – personal data protection, protection against hacking,
  • technology – server capabilities supported by the hosting,
  • backup – backup data copy,
  • technical support – contact with the hosting company in case of technical problems,

Top-quality and technologically advanced hosting services with all of the abovementioned functionalities are offered by our partner: We recommend this company to all our clients.

As you might notice, hosting is a must-have if you want to ensure efficient operation of your online store. Thanks to it, customers can finalize transactions anytime they wish and you get an opportunity to improve your sales. Don’t let your market rivals gain a competitive edge over your business and take your time to ensure a highly commendable condition of your website.

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