Product description – what should it include?

Product description - what should it include

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A professional product description plays a significant role in the process of selling goods. A correct and well thought out text makes the customer feel respected. It’s also one of the factors contributing to the success of an online store cooperating with a dropshipping wholesaler.

What elements should you take into account when creating product descriptions? 

Define your target group.

It’s one of the key elements. There are many criteria such as financial, geographic, psychological and demographic factors that can help you determine your target group (to learn more about tools helpful in defining your audience, go to our entry An offer that suits everyone is worthless). These elements will help you recognize your future customers, their lifestyles, interests, needs, behavior, look or language they use.

Knowing your customers will allow you to select an appropriate channel and language of communication which, in turn, will make it easier to create relevant product descriptions.

Language of benefits – how can customers profit from purchasing your goods?

When describing products, many people are too general and focus on easily noticeable and basic features. Such a description isn’t attractive. Of course these elements should also be present in a quality text, however, it’s important to mention advantages of purchasing your items. Knowing your target group facilitates the task. Let’s take a cooperation with a bag dropshipping wholesaler as an example. A description addressed to a middle aged woman necessitates emphasizing completely different benefits than a description addressed to a teenager.

What aspects should we take into account when describing benefits? Well, don’t forget about comfort, image and a sense of safety. By mentioning the elements listed above, you increase your chances of reaching more potential customers.

What should the process of creating an ideal product description look like?

  1. Collect all important elements and information about the product. Start with devising a plan containing the most vital elements of your future description.
  2. A properly formatted description should have a title encouraging people to buy. Copying product names devised by the manufacturer isn’t particularly attractive. An ideal title should include the most relevant product data such as features, functionalities or brand.
  3. Then, come up with a brief description. Explain the purpose and functionality of your product. A long description focuses on your item in detail. In this case, portray it in an exhaustive way and pay special attention to the features, benefits and advantages. A quality and comprehensive description should resolve all doubts of potential customers and convince them that it’s worth investing in your goods. Last but not least, there’s also technical description that includes specific product data such as parameters or size charts.
  4. The SEO title and description are other crucial elements. They increase your chances of being ranked high in Google. An appropriate title contains keywords that support SEO of your website, so take your time to make the right choice. Apart from being important from the SEO perspective, descriptions are displayed in the search results, therefore, you should pay particular attention to the selection of keywords.
  5. A quality description is a half of success. If you want to attract customers’ attention, complement the text with professional photos taken by an experienced photographer.
  6. Descriptions don’t always answer every question of potential customers. In the case of devices, it’s beneficial to take advantage of a list of questions and answers or videos that will precisely present the item. Customers with doubts probably won’t call you to ask a question. Instead, they’ll find similar products offered by other stores. A proper Q&A section should resolve most doubts.
  7. Proper text formatting, transparency, highlighted benefits, paragraphs and blocks of texts divided into smaller segments are the key to success.
  8. Descriptions should be updated and checked from time to time as customer needs and product ranges change frequently. Developing your descriptions is a continuous process that will improve your sales in the long run.

In e-commerce, a product description becomes an online seller. If your texts are transparent, comprehensive and complemented with quality pictures, potential customers will probably stay on your website, provided it includes all necessary information. On the other hand, duplicating boring and incomplete descriptions that don’t focus on the language of benefits will encourage users to visit pages of your market rivals. Moreover, sloppy descriptions can create an impression that you treat people in an unprofessional way. Consequently, they may decide to  write negative comments.

Modern customers are demanding and expect quick and comprehensive answers to their questions. They want to know the benefits of buying a given item and need to feel that the product is tailor-made for them.

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