Order management systems in online stores

Order management systems in online stores

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The main feature of modern online stores is their significant automation. One of the motivators for such changes is the need to dynamically satisfy the growing expectations of customers regarding the entire order process. The result is the development of advanced systems, compatible with other programs used in the store.

The ordering process

The ordering process is the most important process in operating any online store. It involves a series of steps from the time a product is purchased to the time it is delivered to the customer. In brief, order management can be divided into three main areas:

  • placing an order – purchase of a product by the customer who receives notifications about subsequent stages of order processing
  • fulfillment – activities related to the distribution of the product: finding it, packaging and shipping
  • inventory management – monitoring of stock levels and product availability

To coordinate the above steps, there is a so-called OMS, or Order Management System. It is a software that provides companies with the ability to integrate and streamline the process of fulfilling orders placed by customers. This system allows for customer service, order processing, inventory management and support of marketing and complaint processes – all this is combined into one resource. Thanks to this, the customer can have full information about the order at each stage of its execution, and the seller can have a full picture of all orders and related functionalities. OMS is an organizer and integrator, receiving and passing orders to the appropriate systems. It provides the necessary visibility to both the buyer and the seller.

The main advantages of using an order management system on the store platform

  • coordination of the entire order completion process and controlling its various stages in one place
  • increase the fluidity of store operations by reducing the possible number of errors
  • possibility of simultaneous operation in many sales channels (omnichanel)
  • possibility to control the stock in different locations
  • saving of time
  • higher quality of customer service

The role of retailers is to adapt quickly and provide seamless customer service in a cost-effective and mutually satisfying manner. The OMS tool will provide comprehensive support for the most important process in an online store, which is order fulfillment and supervision, and thus improve the functioning of the entire business. It is worth to focus on maximum digitalization of this sphere of activity, bearing in mind that order management has a direct impact on the way a customer perceives a company or a brand.

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