Accepting Cookies – what does it mean?

Accepting Cookies - what does it mean

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Let us start by explaining the concept of cookies

Cookies are files that are stored on your local computer or other device when you visit a website on the Internet. The saved file usually contains information about the name of the website it comes from, time of its storage on your computer and generated individual code used to identify the browser from which you connected to the website.

Use of cookies

Cookies allow websites to store a user’s preferences on a given website.

  • One of the most well-known uses of cookies is the “remember me” feature found on virtually every website that has a login capability.
  • Cookies are also used for marketing purposes. They remember whether or not a user has already seen a particular advertisement. Thanks to such information an advertiser can, for example, show a given advertisement only once. This also has a bearing on the advertising content displayed to the user, as this content can be better tailored to the user’s interests/preferences.
  • Cookies are used in statistics. It helps us understand how users use our websites so that we can improve their content.

Disabling cookies – consequences

Disabling cookies does not prevent you from reading or viewing the content on the website, but it may cause difficulties when using some services on the website, in particular those requiring a login.

How to clear cookies?

Cookies can be cleared in a similar way in almost every browser. The only differences can be found in how to access the browser settings and in the naming of the bookmarks. Since most users use Google Chrome, we will show you how to clear cookies step by step.

1. In the upper right corner, click on the three vertically stacked dots and then select settings:

2. Then go to the privacy and security tab:

3. Select clear browsing data:

4. In the panel that appears we can select the options we are interested in:

This will clear the cookies from our browser/computer.

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