Abandoned shopping carts – how to get them back?

Abandoned carts

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Nowadays, many companies conduct their business online, and e-stores have become a popular way to sell products. One of the most common problems faced by owners of such stores is abandoned shopping carts.

What are abandoned shopping carts?

An abandoned shopping cart is a shopping cart with products that have been added to it by a user, but have not been finalized by making a purchase. According to industry statistics, on average only 20% of customers make a purchase after adding products to their shopping cart. The remaining 80% abandon the purchase for various reasons. Some customers may change their minds, compare prices at other stores, while others may simply abandon the purchase due to lack of time or other priorities.

However, it is not worth treating abandoned shopping carts as lost customers. Many companies have effective campaigns that help recover abandoned shopping carts and convert them into orders.

How to recover abandoned shopping carts?

It is important to understand why customers abandon shopping carts. A common reason for this is the lack of convenient payment or shipping options, lack of confidence in the quality of products, or an overly complicated ordering process. Store owners should therefore make sure that each of these processes, for the customer, is simple, convenient and transparent.

An important element is to establish contact with the customer. It is worth reminding him about the abandoned shopping cart, for example, by sending him a reminder email. In the email, it’s worth including a short message that will prompt the customer to return to the store and make a purchase. You can also offer the customer a discount or free delivery as an incentive to make a purchase.

The next step is to improve the shopping process on the online store. It is worth investing in tools that allow customers to make a purchase in a few clicks, without having to fill out a long form or register on the site. The simpler and faster the shopping process, the greater the chance of finalizing an order.

The final step in recovering abandoned shopping carts is to monitor and analyze customer actions on the store’s website. Online store owners can use analytical tools such as Google Analytics to track site traffic and learn about customer habits. With this information, the store’s offerings and shopping process can be better tailored to meet customers’ needs.

It is worth remembering that recovering abandoned shopping carts is a process that requires patience and continuous improvement of the online store. Store owners should systematically analyze their results and make improvements to improve sales efficiency. In this way, it is possible to convert abandoned shopping carts into orders and increase e-store sales profits.

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