Creating videos on YouTube (in a nutshell) – from zero to upload (part 1)

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Creating YouTube videos has its benefits – it allows you to increase the number of visitors to your website, encourage a customer to buy from your shop or, like a blog, allows you to broaden the relationship between your business and your customers. While it may seem simple to many to run a YouTube channel, it is an activity that requires a lot of skill and, above all, time. How do you create a YouTube channel and how do you create videos? – the following article should clear up any doubts.

Channel creation

Creating a channel on Youtube is nothing more than registering a user. A Google account is required for this, it will serve as the main channel.

At this point, we can begin to modify our profile, e.g. change the name, add a description, links, graphics and a banner.

Graphics are fundamental

Yes! Graphics are one of the elements for our channel to be successful. Why? While the graphics of the channel itself are not that important, the thumbnails will act as an incentive to watch the videos published. So make sure your thumbnails stand out. – Take my word for it, I too am annoyed by the arrows and circles popping up everywhere to mark the clue of a particular film and the emoji expressing the feeling with which we will receive the film… an embarrassment that unfortunately works. The more vivid the colour, an indication of what the film will be based on, the higher the click-through rate. Adults and teenagers alike are catching on. Simplicity sewn into a beautiful graphic design is sure to attract an audience behind it. Here are examples of ‘successful’ film thumbnails:

To create the aforementioned thumbnails or graphics for the channel, we will need the right program. The best free equivalents for graphic editing are programs such as Gimp or Inkscape, although I recommend checking out the more comprehensive list if you want to find something directly for you.


Below is a link to a page that talks about the aspect ratio for the banner, profile picture and watermark:

For thumbnails for films, the aspect ratio is: 1280×720

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