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Category: Sport / Fitness
Number of products: 10 000 – 50 000

Supplier website:

Supplier description:

AMP Source, established in 2000, is a prominent distributor of esteemed bicycle brands across Poland. We supply a wide range of accessories, apparel, and bicycle components that have been recognized and appreciated globally for many years. Our portfolio features approximately 20 bicycle brands spanning various categories, carefully curated to ensure our offerings are both comprehensive and appealing to our customers.

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What does automatic integration give you?

The module’s goal is to facilitate integration with the wholesale supplier AMP SOURCE, providing you with a pre-configured solution

The Integrator enables the seamless updating of your store with products from AMP SOURCE, including regular updates. You don’t need to be versed in PHP, XML, or CSV, as you receive an already configured solution in the form of an installed integrator tailored to your specific requirements.

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Supplier-Store Relationship

The specifics of products, including descriptions and images furnished by a supplier, are legally protected. The shop owner is required to obtain permission from the supplier before utilizing these details. It is essential to note that the author and provider of The Integrator do not act as intermediaries between a shop and a supplier. The Integrator exclusively utilizes data provided by the shop and operates in accordance with the wholesaler’s agreement.