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Category: Mobile phones / accessories
Number of products: 10 000 – 50 000
Dropshipping: No

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Supplier description:

Established in 2001, our company has consistently directed its efforts towards ongoing development and market expansion, both domestically and internationally. Partner stands as one of the leading wholesalers in the Polish cell phone accessories market and holds a prominent position as the unrivaled leader in the Małopolska region. We specialize in the import and distribution of GSM accessories, serving both the local and global markets. Alongside our proprietary brands such as Blue Star, Blue Star Premium, Chic, and Forcell, we proudly offer original accessories from renowned global companies such as Krusell and Jabra. As the general distributor of Campa, the largest Polish manufacturer of satin cases for cell phones, we are committed to delivering a diverse selection of high-quality accessories, catering to both standard and customized needs. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a comprehensive range of accessories that meet the highest standards of quality and innovation.

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What does automatic integration give you?

The module’s goal is to facilitate integration with the wholesale supplier Partnertele, providing you with a pre-configured solution

The Integrator enables the seamless updating of your store with products from Partnertele, including regular updates. You don’t need to be versed in PHP, XML, or CSV, as you receive an already configured solution in the form of an installed integrator tailored to your specific requirements.

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Supplier-Store Relationship

The specifics of products, including descriptions and images furnished by a supplier, are legally protected. The shop owner is required to obtain permission from the supplier before utilizing these details. It is essential to note that the author and provider of The Integrator do not act as intermediaries between a shop and a supplier. The Integrator exclusively utilizes data provided by the shop and operates in accordance with the wholesaler’s agreement.